Highly digestible proteins, like those found Home Range dog treats ensure the needed nutrients are readily available to your dog’s digestive system and can be easily absorbed by the body. Digestibility is important so your dog can use all the nutrients in their food and treats, and easily rid waste products.

Every protein source contains different levels of amino acids and each protein is different in its ability to be broken down into amino acids. So not all proteins are created equal. Some are better for dogs than others. The ability of a protein to be used by the body and its amount of usable amino acids is summarized as protein quality (biological value). Egg has the highest biological value and all other proteins are compared to this. Egg has a biological value of 100. Milk is close behind with a value of 92. Beef is around 78. The actual composition of individual proteins as well as the utilization of amino acids is very complex but, it is fair to say that not all proteins have the same quality. That’s why to treat your dog well, naturally, Home Range offers many different varieties of proteins in our treat line up.

Rotational feeding and treating keeps dogs interested in their food and treats and prevents boredom with the same meals. Rotational feeding has become increasingly popular in the pet food industry. Rotational feeding simply means changing your dog’s food to provide your dog with regular dietary changes that include different health benefits and of course, a variety of taste. This concept applies to both your dog’s food and to their favourite Home Range treats.

Dogs can also experience flavour fatigue from eating the same foods and treats every day. Rotational feeding and treating helps keep dogs interested in their food and prevents boredom with the same meals.

Some non-natural treats include artificial or low-quality palatability (taste) enhancers, including sweeteners such as corn syrup, sucrose, and ammoniated glycyrrhizin and artificial flavoring (such as barbecue flavor or artificial smoke flavor).

At Home Range, we want you to treat your dog well, naturally. An important element to that is following safe treating guidelines. Please provide plenty of fresh water when giving any chew or treat. Because this is a natural treat, its sizing, color and appearance may vary—this is normal.

Our products have long shelf lives – up to 36 months in most cases. We recommend storing all our natural treats in the freezer or refrigerator or in a sealed container, since they do not contain any additional preservatives. We recommend washing your hands after handling any dog treat.

Bully Sticks (also known as Pizzles) are cured in driers for approximately 2-3 days and are stretched and straightened. Once they are dry, we cut them to size.

Although our suppliers raise their livestock without the use of antibiotics, in some cases, similar to the way doctors prescribe antibiotics for humans, the ranchers that provide our treats use antibiotics only when necessary to keep the animals healthy.

Home Range sources Water Buffalo from southern Asian countries (not China). Water Buffalo is competing with beef cattle as the most popular meat in the world today. Southern Asian Water Buffalo is a different species and shouldn’t be confused with either African Water Buffalo or North American Bison.