Esophagus Wrapped Cheeky Stick

The Esophagus Wrapped Cheeky Stick is made from 100% Beef Cheek Meat and wrapped in esophagus, creating an all-natural treat loved by dogs everywhere! Home Range Pet Treats are all-natural, single-ingredient products sourced from animals raised without the use of hormones, steroids, and antibiotics.


Esophagus Wrapped Cheeky Sticks are not just delicious but also healthy for your dog. They are ideal for dogs of all ages and sizes, offering a rich source of protein and essential nutrients, while being free from artificial additives. These treats promote dental health by aiding in the removal of tartar and plaque, ensuring a healthy chew that contributes to your pet's overall well-being.

100% pure beef cheek meat. derived from grass-fed animals that are raised without the use of steroids, hormones and antibiotics and contain no added artificial preservatives. colors or flavors.
A medium hard chewing treat that helps to reduce plaque and tartar. Cheek meat is a high in protein (82%) low in fat (3%) easily digestible dog treat. It's 100% beef, with the beefy flavour dogs love. It is also naturally rich in collagen which contributes to healthier joint function. Cheeky Bully Sticks are a slightly longer lasting chew than a Pizzle Bully Stick, providing outstanding value for the customer and most importantly, for the enjoyment of the dog.